Getting Started Guide

Congratulation for Buying Quick Dry Cleaning Software, Modernize Your Dry Cleaning Business and move ahead of your connection. This Guide will help you get Started and Configure Software for Firs Use. This Guide is divided in Nine Steps.

Step One - Process Master

Go to Master-> Process Master, here you can configure Processes used in Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business, Main Points to consider here is you can control whether Discount will be provided on a particular Process or is Service Tax applicable to a particular Process.

Note: We have already configured some of the data in this screen, you can modify it according to your requirements.

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Step Two - Item Master

Go to Master-> Item Master, here you can configure Items used in Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business, Main Points to consider here is you can create Shortcut Keys here for Items. While Creating Items you can also Configure Sub items in a Cloth. For Ex. a Gents Suit generally have Three Sub Items ( Shirt, Trouser and Coat ).

Note: We have already configured some of the data in this screen, you can modify it according to your Requirements.

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Step Three - Rate List

Go to Master-> Rate List, here you can configure Rate/Price for corresponding items for a particular Process. These Rates/Price will be picked automatically while doing booking, However these will be modifiable while doing booking.

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Step Four - Customer Master

Go to Master-> Customer, here you can Store Customer details, main points to be considered here is Name, Address, Phone No and Location is mandatory, other fields like Birthday, Anniversary, Emails and Referrals are helpful to take full use of software, as it will help to create important MIS Reports which will help to understand business better.

Birthday and Anniversary – Customers are human and they like when they are made to feel important. Take every opportunity to remind them that you care. Send them birthday and anniversary mailers, SMS and Emails and build relationships. Store it here.

Customer Priority -Remember their likings and disliking.

Default Discount- If you want to provide discount automatically to a customer this is the field to put percentage value for discount.

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Step Five - Receipt Configuration

Go to Admin-> Configuration, This is one of the most important screen this screen will help to configure default settings for the software and options for Printing Booking Receipts. this screen is divided in three sections.

Step Five - Section One Receipt Settings

Receipt Settings (General TAB) - This will help to configure booking slip, following options are available to turn On/Off various settings.

Receipt Settings (Receipt Header TAB) - This TAB will help to configure Header Options and Type of Stationary ( Pre Printed or Computer Generated ).Booking Slip will be generated on A5 Sheet.
Top 3cm Space can be used for Header and back side can be used for Terms & Conditions. However you can also get it printed from computer directly. Following options are available.

Receipt Settings (Header Slogan) - This Section can be used for various purpose ( like any special promotional offer, other branch details, Slogan, Your Telephone No's, Your USP or any other)

Receipt Settings (Terms & Condition TAB) - This Section can be used to pur three important terms and conditions on the front of Booking Slip, if you need more space then you can use Pre Printed Stationary and get it printed on back side of Booking Slip.

Step Five - Section Two Display Settings

Display Settings - This options are used to configure display settings for the software. Following options are available.
Type in your Web Site Name,Store Name, Address, Tim ming and any message that you would like to display on footer of the software. Upload your logo to display on software Header.

Step Five - Section Three New Bookings

New Booking - This screen will help to Configure default options for booking Screen. Following options are available :
Process Name : Specify default Process that Should come pre Selected on Booking Screen.

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Step Six - Booking

Go to Booking-> New Booking or Press F1, This is the most used and important screen, Following Steps needs to be done for booking.

Once all clothes are mentioned in the screen, then select other options like Home Delivery, Urgent , Special Remarks for the Booking, Choose whether to send E-mail or SMS and select the name of the person who has checked the Clothes.

Now Type in any Discount or Advance Payments.

Finally Click on Save Booking (or Press F8) to Save this Booking. OR Click on Save and Print (or Press F2) to save and print the invoice directly.

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Step Seven - Challan\Delivery Note\Workshop Note

Go to Booking->Challan\Delivery Note\Workshop Note This screen will display all clothes which are booked and yet not send for Processing ( to Workshop or to a Vendor )

Select all the clothes that you are sending for processing, Click on Save and then Click on Print Challan to get a list of Clothes with details ( Booking no, Process, Remarks etc)

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Step Eight - Return from Workshop

Go to Booking->Return from Workshop This screen will be used while receiving clothes back in the Shop, all clothes which are not yet received after processing will be listed here.

Select all the clothes that you are Receiving after processing, Click on Save and now clothes will be ready for Delivery.

Step Nine - Payment Receipt

Go to Booking->Payment Receipt This screen will be used when customer comes to collect his clothes from the Shop.

Type in Slip No it will display all necessary details about the particular booking slip.

Here select the Clothes you are Delivering then click on Deliver Clothes. Type in the payments you are receiving from Customer and then Click on Accept Payment to complete the Cycle.

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